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Welcome to the official StoneLoops! website!

The rumble of grinding stones, a dinosaur's roar, meteor showers and cheers of victory. StoneLoops! calls brave explorers to visit the wild land of Jurassica. Do you have what it takes to face tough challenges and pterodactyls? Games today come with different concepts to attract gamers. Casino games are also following this strategy. Countries like Malaysia are popular for casino sites and casino games. Several gamblers look for Malaysia online gambling sites to enjoy diverse games.


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"StoneLoops! of Jurassica couldn't be more overflowing with surprises. (...) You'll soon see it isn't just an amicable and innovative take on the typical marble-popping formula... Rather unexpectedly, you'll also find it a more than worthy match for even more established industry goliaths like Zuma and Luxor..."


"We make no secret of the fact that there are a few developers out there that we really like (...). Codemenion is definitely one of those studios: a small, scrappy team making handcrafted games that show a real love for the art form of making games..."


"In an increasingly busy market of casual games that all look awfully similar, this is cunningly designed and shows extra effort. It's certainly worth taking advantage of the free hour available..."


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