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About StoneLoops!

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The Game

StoneLoops! is an amazingly dynamic puzzle-arcade game set in the prehistoric world of Jurassica. Thanks to unique gameplay mechanics and non-stop action, it's bound to please even the most selective gamers.

Each of the game's 75 levels was handcrafted and designed to bring you a new form of chalenge.

StoneLoops! is a highly polished game focused on bringing lots of fun to everyone. You can download it in a matter of few minutes so it's really worth to give it a try.

Be prepared to think a lot on some, while on others you can vent off steam and just focus on smashing things to tiny pieces.

What's cool about StoneLoops! ?

  • Unbelievably dynamic gameplay
  • Unique game mechanics
  • 75 handcrafted levels
  • 3 different game modes
  • 24 trophies to unlock
  • Own a house in 5 different lands
  • 9 smashtastic powerups

Fun in-game features and powerups:

Here's an example of some of the smashtastic powerups you can find in StoneLoops!

StoneLoops! - Powerup: Boost Boost
Collect it to boost your progress bar! Now that's handy!
StoneLoops! - Powerup: Spear Spear
Shoot a barrage of obsidian spears to wreak some havoc!
StoneLoops! - Powerup: Color cloud Color cloud
Swoosh! And now all nearby stones turn to one color!
StoneLoops! - Powerup: Storm Storm
Cast lightning that cuts through the stones.
StoneLoops! - Powerup: Stop Stop
Stops the time for few seconds. Don't ask how.
StoneLoops! - Powerup: Pteranodon Pteranodon
He's there to help you by destroying the most threatening stones. Squawk!
StoneLoops! - Powerup: Meteor Meteor
Just sit there and watch everything go into pieces.
StoneLoops! - Powerup: Fireball Fireball
Here it goes... BLAM!!!
StoneLoops! - Powerup: Multicolor Multicolor
Your joker stone. Can be of any color you like!

Three modes of gameplay

StoneLoops! - Gameplay: Classic

Take an exciting journey through the land of Jurassica, master 75 different levels and test your reflexes in this fast-paced gameplay mode. Fun guaranteed!

StoneLoops! - Gameplay: Strategy

For the thinkers out there. In this mode you don't have to worry about fast moving stones. After each move you can think as much as you want on making the next one.

StoneLoops! - Gameplay: Survival

Dare for a challenge? Pick one of the levels you've already been to and try to beat your score by holding on as long as you can, while the difficulty quickly ramps up!

Build a house:

In StoneLoops! you travel through 5 exotic land of Jurassica - ranging from wild jungle, through ever-frozen glacier, to blazing volcano. And more - you get to own and upgrade a house in each of these lands.

StoneLoops! - Jungle
Jungle Cottage

Who wouldn't dream of a house on a tree? The views are spectacular, the air is fresh and the sabretooth tigers are way below. The only problem is inviting your neighbors for a grill party.

StoneLoops! - Glacier
Glacial Cavern

Warm and cozy household for the modern family. Invite your friends and watch the mammoths migrate gently in the setting sun. Central heating and cable TV already installed.

StoneLoops! - Volcano
Volcano Plaza

A romantic settlement for freshly married. He roast a fresh steak by the lava river, while she takes a healthy mud bath in the warm spring.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista
  • 700 MHz CPU
  • 128MB RAM Memory
  • 36 MB Hard Disk space after install
  • Windows Compatible Sound Card
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